Speed Post Courier Tracking of Indian Post Office

Speed post is a mail service which serviced by the Indian post office. The key features of India post are that it is a cost effective and the letters are delivered in just 4 to 6 days. Indian post office has footprints across India and can deliver letters to even remote areas of the country.

Indian post office, the biggest and oldest mail delivery service in the country. It has set up post offices even in village areas in order to provide mail services to the villagers. Actually, Indian post office has many different types of mail products and speed post is one out of them.

Speed Post Tracking

The first step of sending a letter is to write down the message on a piece of paper. Once this is done, then we will put the message into an envelope and then we will write the from and to addresses. After that, we will drop the letter in the nearest post box. The postman collects all the letters from the post box and then the letters are dispatched to the different regions based on the destination address. Then the letters are finally delivered to the destination address.

The process for sending a speed post letter is also the same. However, instead of dropping the letter in the box, you will visit the nearest post office and book the package by speed post. The postal employee will hand over an acknowledgment slip with the tracking number printed on the right side corner. This tracking number can be used to get the delivery status of your parcel.

If you want to know the delivery status of your package, then log on to the Indian post office website and then enter your consignment number. After that, you have to struggle a bit to solve the captcha. Once that is done, you will be able to get the status of your parcel. The speed post tracking of your package shows current location of your letter.It is a good practice to check the status of your speed post so that you will know whether your parcel is delivered or not. By mistake, if it is not delivered in time, then you can reach the customer support of Indian postal department and can inquiry about the speed post. I hope now you know how to track the speed post of Indian post office.